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Imagine Music Studio Has

Showcase  Travel Opportunity Performance In Community

Imagine Music Studio Has

Music Theory Travel Opportunity 2 Guaranteed Auditions Per Year Performance In Community

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One On One
Private Lessons

We strive to be sure our students feel comfortable in our Private Lessons. Creating an atmosphere that is small, intimate, and safe; and a place to learn your music abilities and the art that it can create! We design each program for each individual student, to guarantee better results!




Whether you’re wanting to grow in confidence, crush an audition, read music, improvise, or simply learn more about all you can do with your piano and voice, we can empower you in this journey with our lessons!

Guaranteed Opportunities

With Seasonal Recitals and events in our community, we can guarantee you or your chid will have a place and time to SHINE! 

We guarantee our students will learn how to conquer a stage teaching them techniques to get past that stage fright.




Some Of Our Services

Vocal Lessons

We create each lesson with specific tools and techniques to make sure your unique goals are met.


We will teach your child all the knowledge they need in piano!


Foundations of Worship

As a faith-based business we help worship leaders connect and grow their vocal abilites.